Call For Makers for the 2016 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire is now open!

There is no cost to exhibit at the Faire.

Notification of acceptance will be on a rolling basis.

What we are looking for

  • Robotics, CNC, computing
  • Green Tech (energy production/monitoring, electric vehicles, etc)
  • DIY Science
  • Performative Technologies and Arts including music and visual arts
  • Participatory activities (e.g., participatory activities such as silk screening or learn to solder, “Make and Takes”, hand tools, skill sharing)
  • Student projects
  • STEM & STEAM projects
  • Makerspaces/hackerspaces/collectives
  • Radio
  • Rocketry/ballooning
  • Tinkerers
  • Unusual tools, machines, techniques
  • Whimsical technical creations
  • Fixing and/or taking things apart

Visitors want to learn something, so just as important as your exhibit will be your presence, explaining how you did what you did.

We are not looking for arts and crafts or tech exhibits that people could see in other venues like tradeshows. But an oil painting by a robot painter, for example, will catch our eye.

See the Exhibitor Manual (below) for the policy on sales. Basically, the main purpose of your exhibit should not be sales.

How to Apply

Review the Exhibitor Manual. This contains a wealth of information about the Faire, and will give you a better idea of what types of activities and exhibits will work well.

Submit an Exhibitor Application Form that tells about your activity or exhibit. We’ll ask for a description that we can publish, a representative photo we can publish, and contact information for the public to use (websites, email).

If you have any questions about exhibiting at the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire, please contact us at by email.

Other ways to participate

Volunteers: We really appreciate volunteers! If you are interested in helping out, please let us know!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Faire!


4 responses to “Makers

  1. I see the application deadline has passed, but are you still taking applications? My 10 year old son wants to teach people how to make mine craft paper craft projects.


  2. listing what you are looking for, you left out Lutherie (making and repairing musical instruments). a much in demand craft pursued by a few highly skilled craftsmen who have knowledge of musical instruments, have mastered performance skills as well as tool and die making, use of adhesives, wood technology, pattern making, wood finishing, use of power and hand tools, safe environment dust, odor, and humidity control, how to operate a business, to name just a few.

  3. Interested in participating next year

    We can offer demos & hands on in a number of skills. Biggest job is convincing members to drive to AA2; but gits our 501(c)3 purpose
    Last, starting a similar program in Macomb would be possible goal


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