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2012 Exhibitors!

We have a few spaces for exhibitors left, but here is the current list of exhibitors for the 2012 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire. (pdf, 96 kB)

Electrolysis Detonators! Robots! Gatling-Gun Vortex Cannons! Gak! Scientific Sirens! 3D printers! More Robots! A Climb-Inside Truncated Icosahedron!

Make this Saturday Awesome! Come to the faire!


Register to be eligible for door prizes!

We just got the list of door prizes! Click on the “Register” button to the right and enter your information to be eligible. There is no cost to register, but you must register to be eligible for the prizes.

(Registration is not required to attend.)

Door Prizes for the 2012 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire

2 winners for a one-year magazine subscription to Make Magazine.

1 winner for a family pass to World Maker Faire New York.

5 winner for one book each (choose one of the following):
Cooking for Geeks
Fashioning Technology
Getting Started with Arduino
Making Things Talk
Making Things See
Make: Electronics
Make: Arduino Bots & Gadgets

1 winner for either:
Compressed Air Rocket Kit
Getting Started with Arduino Kit

Thanks to Make for these great door prizes!

Space for a few more Exhibitors!

We do have space for a few more exhibitors–email us at Thanks!