2016 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire Announced

The 8th annual Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire will be Saturday, June 4 at the Ann Arbor District Library’s Downtown Branch!

The AADL has organized and hosted a lot of makery things in the past few years including exhibiting at the A2 Mini Maker Faire year after year. Plus, if you haven’t heard yet because you are too busy practicing the theremin you checked out from their instrument collection, they ALSO have a makerspace, the Secret Lab!

Exhibitor applications and additional info will be out in the early Spring. So check back for updates.

And as always, the faire will be free for attendees and exhibitors. A huge thank you to our sponsors for making it accessible to everyone.


5 responses to “2016 Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire Announced

  1. We would like to report this event to IEEE Southeastern Michigan members but, the site lists this as June 6 at the top and June 4 in the text. Let us know when you settle on a date, and we can proceed. kw

    • Hi Kimball, The 2016 Faire is indeed Saturday June 4. Our header is last year’s faire date – 2015. We are in the midst of updating the sight to reflect 2016. Thanks for your patience.

  2. When are you going to post the new application for the 2016 event?

  3. This looks like a fun event to join.

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