Tomorrow’s the Big Day

The momentum is really building for the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire.

We’ve had some great press lately, thanks to and MakerBridge. is our equivalent of a local newspaper and Jennifer did a great job capturing the history and spirit of the our Mini Maker Faire. The fine folks over at MakerBridge are also showing their support of us with an interview focusing on what folks can expect to experience at the Maker Faire on Saturday.

We also have over thirty volunteers who have signed up to help us greet participants, help Makers get set up, teach folks how to solder, and generally make the Faire happen.

A big thank you from us organizers to you speakers, volunteers, sponsors, makers, and participants. The Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire celebrates its fifth year because of you!


4 responses to “Tomorrow’s the Big Day

  1. Michael Goldberg

    The Mini Maker Faire was great. The Hands-On Museum was showing off stop motion animation using the iPad. Does anyone know what app they were using for this?

  2. Christine Moellering

    My daughter had one of those 3D images made of herself and I wondered how to get a copy of it?

    • Get in touch with the folks from AHA– That was a really neat exhibit!

      • Michael Goldberg

        Does anyone know who I can contact at the Hands On Museum about the stop motion animation iPad app they were using…or know the name of the app?

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