We Have Great Sponsors

We’ve received some great financial support from the community to help make the fifth Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire a success. We’d like to thank the following awesome organizations who are not just helping us promote the event but also lending some cash to make things happen. Our goal is to continue to make this event as accessible to the community as possible. A big part of that means making it free. 

Huge thank you to all of the organizations that help us make this happen. We are pleased to have support from across the area, from academic programs at the University of Michigan to entrepreneurs and education groups. 

Diamond Sponsors 


Brain Monkeys

Carbide Sponsors 

Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan

Maker Works

Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

Penny Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan

High Speed Steel Sponsors

Current Motor

Menlo Innovations

This year we added levels of sponsorship to allow organizations and individuals to have more choice in how they support Makers in southeast Michigan. If you or your organization would like to sponsor upcoming Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire events, please drop us a line! a2mfplanners[at]gmail.com


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